We offer some model courses below.
We'll make a plan with the customers who applied asking ones' preferences. Customers are free from changing the items as well as attaching one to another.

Course No. : 1
Title : Morioka Castle and Nanbu Clan
Time : 2 hours


Route : Morioka History & Culture Museum (Display of the Edoperiod's culture and samurai life, Horse Parade, Floats for the traditional event from the Edo period Ė  Morioka Castle SitePark (Great stone walls featuring the Morioka domain's prosperities) ĖSakurayama Shrine (Nanbu Clan's main shrine) Ė Time Bell
*Nanbu clan lived in this area for about 700 years, which is one of the longest as one clan ruled one area in the history of Japan.

Course No. : 2
Title : Konya-cho ~ Culture from the Edo Period
Time : 2 hours

Route : Morioka History & Culture Museum Ė Rock SplittingCherry Tree (a national natural monument) Ė Kaminohashi Bridge (400years old railings) Ė Kaji-cho Mile Stone ĖKikunotsukasa Sake Brewery Ė@Fire Watch Tower (an old Western-style wooden house) Ė Sirasawa Senbei (a Japanese cracker factory&shop) ĖSoshi-do (an indigo dye house) Ė Gozaku (a traditional utensil shop) Ė Kamasada (an ironware factory &shop) Ė@IwateBank Red Brick Building

Course No. : 3
Title : Machiya ~ Edo Period's Marchant Life (Nataya-cho)
Time : 2 hours

Route : Morioka Machiya Story Museum (an old sake brewery building) Ė Daiji-shimizu (a public well used from the Edoperiod) ĖDaiji-shimizu Oyasumi-dokoro (a traditional merchant house) ĖAsabiraki Sake Brewery Ė 16 Arhat Statues Ė@Hachimangu Shrine Ė Seiryusui-well Ė Sitamachi-shiryoukan (a museum displaying medieval and modern people's life)

Course No. : 4
Title : Iwate's Legend & Five Hundred Statues
Time : 2 hours

Route : Morioka Station Ė Mitsuishi Shrine (three boulders lining in the premises of the shrine, which is the origin of the name of the prefecture) Ė Ho-onji Temple & Five Hundred Arhat Statures(about 300 years old five hundred wooden Arhat statues are displayed in the temple)

Course No. : 5
Title : Morioka City Walking from the Station
Time : 2 hours

Route : Morioka Station Ė Kaiunbashi Bridge Ė Kippushi Ryokuchi(a newly constructed modern area) Ė Zaimoku-cho Ė Kogensha(aworld-wide known writer Kenji Miyazawa's display) Ė Ono-sensaisho (an indigo dye house) Ė Takuboku New-wed House (aworld-wide known poet Takuboku Ishikawa lived in this Edo built house) Ė Rock Splitting Cherry Tree Ė Morioka Castle SitePark Ė RaraIwate (an Iwate prefectural craftwork shop)

Other Areas

[Shiwa-jo Castle Site]

The site constructed in 802, the Heian Period, was excavated. We can see some restored facilities as well as remains displayed in the museum.
(A half day course)

[Koiwai Farm]

Koiwai Farm is one of the biggest private farms in Japan.You can enjoy various animal shows as well as tours of its rich nature and historical buildings of farming.
(A half day course)
ĖKoiwai Farm's website (English)

[Morioka Handcrafts Village]

Over 14 different workshops in Nanbu ironware, dyeing, traditional children's toys, confectionery, etc. You can see demonstration by artisans.
(A half day course)
ĖMorioka Handcraft Park's website (English is available)

[Morioka Zoological Park "ZOOMO"]

(A half day course)
ĖMorioka Zoological Park's website (Japanese)