PӃKCh̉(SGG)@Morioka Goodwill Guides

For Tourists (English)

About Our Guides
   Our English-speaking members are pleased to guide visitors for sightseeing and festivals, relaxation, or shopping at your request.  

Guide Area
    Morioka City and its surrounding municipalities.

About Morioka
   About 400 years ago, the history of Morioka began at the time when the Morioka lord of the Nanbu clan built his residential castle in the center of Morioka which was surrounded by three rivers. And Morioka prospered as a castle town and nowadays continues to develop as one of the major cities in the Tohoku district. Morioka, which is called gThe City of Water and Greeneryh, is blessed with beautiful nature and warmhearted citizens. The city also has a history and culture touched by the breath of Dr. Inazo Nitobe's spirit.

   gChagu Chagu Umakkoh (every year, the second Saturday of June), gSansa Dance Paradeh (every year, Aug. 1st to 4th ), gHachiman Shrine Festivalh (also known as gMorioka Autumn Festivalh every year, Sep. 14th to 16th )

What is our fee?
    Since our service is provided by volunteers, no fee is necessary for the guide.
    But we'd appreciate it very much if you would pay the guide's travel expenses (1000yen) and lunch when our service covers morning and afternoon hours.

Contact us
    For more information or to make a reservation, please write to Mr. Koki Tamura in English or Japanese by email.

  moriokagwggmail.com    cI(Koki Tamura)

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