About Our Guides
 Our English-speaking members are pleased to guide visitors for sightseeing and festivals, relaxation, or shopping at your request.

Guide Area
  Morioka City and its surrounding municipalities.

We have some regular courses for guiding. Please check the webpage from the tab or the link bellow.  
   ガイドコース/Guide Course

About Morioka
 About 400 years ago, the history of Morioka began at the time when the Morioka lord of the Nanbu clan built his residential castle in the center of Morioka which was surrounded by three rivers. And Morioka prospered as a castle town and nowadays continues to develop as one of the major cities in the Tohoku district. Morioka, which is called “The City of Water and Greenery”, is blessed with beautiful nature and warmhearted citizens. The city also has a history and culture touched by the breath of Dr. Inazo Nitobe's spirit.

 “Chagu Chagu Umakko” (every year, the second Saturday of June), “Sansa Dance Parade” (every year, Aug. 1st to 4th ), “Hachiman Shrine Festival” (also known as “Morioka Autumn Festival” every year, Sep. 14th to 16th )

What is our fee?
  Since our service is provided by volunteers, no fee is necessary for the guide.

Contact us
  For more information or to make a reservation, please write to Mr. Koki Tamura in English or Japanese by email.
  moriokagwg@gmail.com    田村光紀(Koki Tamura)

Application Form (WORD)

  Application Form⇒  form0english0ver2.docx

(The contents of the WORD document)

Application Form for Morioka SGG Club Free Guide Services

We are doing this free tourist guide service on a voluntary basis and we need some information of the applicants. So, we would like to request you to fill out this application form and send it to us by e-mail.

1 Your name :                                                                    
2 Your e-mail address :                                                  
3 Today's date :                                                                
4 Information about Participant [s] :        (Total number of participants :          )  
Family Name/Given Name/Gender/Nationality/Age
M  /  F
M  /  F
M  /  F
M  /  F
M  /  F

5 Arrival date in Japan :                                                        
6 Your accommodation in Morioka :                                                    
7 Desired Language of Service :                                              
8 Requested date [s] of Service :                                                
9 Places you wish to visit ( Indicate a model course-number shown in our Website or describe your own plan.) :
10 SNS or Mobile phone number where we can contact you during the trip.  
(in case of emergency) :
11 Any dietary restrictions or physical problems the MSGG guide should know about. :
12 Will you allow an additional MSGG member to attend the tour as a trainee/assistant? :
(No need to pay any expenses for him/her)

Morioka SGG Club Free Guide Services


* Please submit your application form at least two weeks in advance of using our services.

* Please pay for the guide's expenses such as meals, transportation and admission fees during the time we are guiding you. If there are any other expenses, we will discuss and decide.

* Neither Morioka SGG nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any injuries, accidents and/or damages occurring during the period our guide is with you.

* The information provided in the Application Form will be used by MSGG only for the purpose of providing requested tour guide services.

* We may cancel tours if there is a natural disaster such as a typhoon or because of COVID-19.

 Please do not hesitate to ask any questions related to the above conditions, or to request our services.

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